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Welcome to my members video page. I am really thrilled to tell you that I can give you fantastic new, high quality video clips for you to enjoy! The frame size is up to 1280x720 for exceptionally clear viewing!


The movie can then be uploaded direct to your computer. To enjoy the best viewing experience, simply click on the download link of the video and save it in a location of your choice on your PC. Video clips are provided in standard WMV format so, once downloaded, simply play the clip on your chosen player.

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  February 18, 2011 • FITTINGS OF MULES

This morning, I wanted to go out in mules, but I did not know which choose. A good opportunity to make fittings and to play with my feet covered with sheer stockings.


Shoeplay with my turquoise sandals and close-up of my feet in sheer brown FF nylon stockings.

  December 28, 2010 • FOOTJOB WITH DILDO

Footplay with my stockinged feet on my erotic toy. I think that he liked that!

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