I can make a video or photo set, showing exactly what you want to see

Think of the story line, set a scene, and tell me what to wear. Choose my clothes, my stockings, my underwear, my shoes, You tell me what you want and I will do as you say in front of the camera. The custom made photos set or movie can be uploaded direct to your computer.

IMPORTANT: I try to satisy all your special requests, but I reserve the right to say no (what have you got to lose by asking).

I typically wear them for a normal working day. I can offer you my stockings and my panties or g-strings all filled with my moist and musky scent. No perfumes, no body sprays, no scented lotions, just my sweet body scent.

  • No nudity.
  • You can't see my face.
  • No porn scene.

Allowed :

  • Barefoot.
  • Foot or sole worship.
  • Foot servitude.
  • Tied feet or foot bondage.
  • Feet tickling games.
  • Footjob.
  • Foot domination.
  • Feet or shoes licking.
  • Toes sucking.
  • Handjob with sheer nylon.
  • Trampling.
  • Crushing.
  • Shoe workship and humiliation.

Order Information

I accept your special requests. Don't be afraid to ask for something special just because someone else has said no to you. Simply email me at: shop-boutique@miss-nylon.fr
... and I will give you a price quote. Keep in mind that it's expensive because of the time to pass for it.

I will then confirm my acceptance of your request before providing you with payment details. If you agree with my price, write me to place your order and you'll receive further payment instructions. Please note that your order is not final until payment has been received. Once I have confirmed your order and the total cost of your order, please submit your payment.
Notice: ONLY payments by PayPal

I look forward to making your custom photo / video for you and I'm sure you will love it. The photos shoot or movie can then be uploaded direct to your computer.

Payment Information

All payments are handled by our payment processor (PayPal) with 128Bit SSL encryption. You can enter your billing address and contact information. After submitting this form you'll be redirected to a secure page of our payment processor where you can choose how to pay your order and enter the information needed for the processing.

After the payment is processed you're redirected to my download page. Additionally the information how to download your clips or photos sets is mailed to you immediatly after the payment is processes.

Download Information

To download the custom made photos set or movie, please right click with your mouse on the link to the photos set or movie you want to view and choose 'save as' or 'save target as', save the photos set or movie to your HD and play it from there.

The videos are provided in standard WMV format, using the very latest world leading compression system (on a Mac you can use Quicktime with Flip4Mac). The WMV format gives you the best quality at a reasonable file size. To view the WMV videos you will need WMV player or Quicktime Version 7 or better. You cannot watch them in earlier versions of WMV or Quicktime as I have used this latest compression technology to get the quality I need. If you don't have this version, then you will need to download and install it. WMV or Quicktime is available free from Windows or Apple and you can download it easily.

Save in a location of your choice on your PC. Once downloaded, simply play the clip on your chosen player.

The file sizes are a bit larger so you will just have to be a bit more patient!

Age of majority

By checking my box, you agree that you are of legal age in your community to view and purchase adult products. You agree that you will be using these products for your PRIVATE enjoyment only and will in no way distribute or republish these materials and/or share them with a minor.

More about me

My Photos & Video are not profesionaly taken. They do not show my face. The are edited and blurred to hide my identity.

It is my decision when and to whom I give freebies too. I love to give satisfaction and many of my regulars know I am very generous with repeat buyers and friends. I do not appreciate customers or admirers asking for freebies, so please do not ask.

I am not a model, an actress, a porn star or an escort girl. I am a normal professional woman, with a naughty side that sells her used items and images. Please treat me with respect as I do you. I do not participate in cyber sex, telephone calls or meet any of my customers. Please do not ask.