Advice to the women and to the men

Ladies, the men are crazy about nylon stockings! They always considered a woman who wore stockings as goddess. Some considering it as a due, and the others more romantic, as the favor. In our time, there is certain number of things which are not beforehand acquired, to see her partner wearing stockings is one of them. Although they do not roam streets figuratively, there are some ardent supporters and not a small number of occasionals. By personal pleasure, by taste of the elegance, there is a connoisseur who knows all the power that can confer on her person this accessory relegated to a public semi-invisibility, the dark side being the most exciting. For the one who guesses or who knows the hidden side of the iceberg, let us guarantee that if she is herself an iceberg, she will not delay melting. We are speaking about cases where the woman is, let us say, converted. But stay the others, certainly by far the most numerous, which do not lend themselves gladly to the small game of the sensuality, and that we would like to see changing course.

I often read, in the numerous mails that I receive or in the dedicated forums, the lamentations of these men who do not manage to persuade their partner to wear stockings. As they are many to dream shyly by sighing to a woman taken out of a catalog of naughty lingerie, which suddenly would begin taking life thanks to an invisible fairy. Ladies, do you believe that the fairies exist?

To tell the truth I know too much nothing about it, but do not tell me that you do not want to become one. I indeed want to believe that the next it will be you, there's no need of complicated magic formula. Few things are enough. You who doubtless looked at this beautiful lingerie which displayed their temptations in the shop window in front of which you passed, you hesitated. I shall look ridiculous, these things look disreputable, it is a disguise, you thought then. Come on, clichés, clichés which have the hard life and which hide you all the advantages that you can take from it. Advantages? Just look at the light which shines in the eye of your companion, and which you had never seen previously.

Of course, the femininity stops in this only criterion of the port of nylon stockings. Nowadays, a woman who dresses in a pair of stockings, does so very certainly by personal taste above all, not by obligation. I sometimes intended them to confide me that it was a mean to regain their femininity. From there to think that they have somewhere the impression of having lost it a bit, it is the possibility which has a foundation only the criteria to which they are sensitive.

For my part, I want to see the femininity reconquering the world, it is my most expensive desire. My small secrets, my experiments, I lavish them very gladly to the beginners, so that they become the finally found femininity of tomorrow. Follow my advice, single step, but every step with legs covered with nylon, the truth, the one who makes dream. Follow me on the road which leads to the happiness!

Wearing nylon stockings : first stage

I believe that you should not begin at once with a garter belt and the “truths” fine nylon stockings (crystal). It is necessary to go there gradually (as I would like to deliver classes, not any more of French, but of the ideal port of the garter belt and the stockings!). Begin with fine stockings which hold alone, rather elastics (I hate, personally, but I address myself to the “novices” and to their men, them who fetch to guide them).

If you are a follower of tights, you are going to become used little by little to the nudity of the bottom of your thighs, to this small draft of which you are not used to (small bracket : one of my friends, a passionate person and a refined man, call this place “the hard shoulder”, I love it).

You are going to learn to live with it, and with the risk that a warned eye detects this top which you cannot always hide (a blow of wind, high crossed legs, etc.). Well then? It is so naughty and so charming! And as time will go by, you will be more and more comfortable in the course of your going outs.

The second stage

The second stage will be the purchase of the garter belt. It is there that you should not make a mistake. Above all, it is important to try the one that you will wear, and especially never to buy it by correspondence. Banish in an irreparable way the too fine and too elastic small garter belts. They hold nothing, slide on hips and are very uncomfortable after a while. And your stockings are obviously well “to crumple up”, to wrinkle and to disgust you forever from wearing them.

The secret is the widest possible greenhouse-size, of a great brand (too bad for the expense, these good manufacturers know how to make it, it is their job). To banish thus purchases in sex shops and the other shops of accessories of all kinds. These products are made at a low cost without any knowledge in lingerie and are sold to wholesalers in the weight, and not in the unit as for the top of the range lingerie. One wide greenhouse-cutting is perfectly going to be stuck on your hips, indeed to take its place, and it will be even very pleasant to wear, with a more not insignificant sheathing effect. I often keep on me one greenhouse-cutting without my stockings so it is pleasant to feel so perfectly maintained.

Then, always in this second stage : the purchase of stockings with some Lycra, which are going to stick and to marry perfectly your legs. They can be fine, but especially not nylon crystal. You need now a whole time of apprenticeship. So adorned, you will feel little by little comfortable and become used to it. You won’t wonder any more permanently if your stockings are well stretched out, if they do not wrinkle.

You will have won your right of way at the third stage only if you manage to forget totally that you are wearing one greenhouse-size and stockings, and that you feel at ease with yourselves (your second skin!).

The third stage

The bearing of stockings of real nylon great fine crystal! The best, for you of course, but also for him, your man (and a little bit also for all those who have eyes only for your sheathed legs!). If your greenhouse-size is of very good quality and “does indeed its work”, if garters play marvelously their “shock absorbers” role, stockings will not wrinkle (or so little, just in the hollow of the ankle - but that's right what makes them so erotic! - in fact, do you know that these small folds are called “grimaces”; it is an old mischievous French Prof. who told it to me indeed a long time ago. Your initiatory route is now almost finished...

When you will have threaded your stockings, you will discover quite a new sensation : you will notice that by crossing your legs, these slide the one against the other one in a delight of sweetness and sensuality, by producing a small so erotic and magic sound for the big connoisseurs. And, curiously, you will be surprised by feeling a very big pleasure there. As if your legs, already so soft, had become still infinitely softer. The result is surprising.

 I may assure you that if everything goes alright, if these various stages are well respected, if you manage to feel totally comfortable, you will want to wear nothing more and you will throw your former pairs of tights to the fire (except those woolen for intense cold, to be kept all the way!). And when, besides, you will surprise the loving, fond and naughty glance of your companion, you will wonder why you did not think of it earlier. And, little by little, you will come to accept also other men’s looks in the street, the glances without back thought, just admiring (I promise you that in his head, the one that you have just crossed says to himself “which feminine woman, she dared and she assumes”).

Ladies, dare! You will feel different, in the same way as you feel the other one when you put shoes on your high heels, without play on words, it proceeds of the same approach. You understand me …

Retain well this equation : excellent greenhouse-size + stockings of real fine nylon + attractive high heels = different and feminine woman + a happy- man. And there is not any unknown in this equation, trust in my long experience!

The fourth stage

It is, finally, the wearing of seamed stocking! The absolute best. From the moment you will have become a follower of nylon stockings in fine veil, the stage to be crossed will be unimportant. There also, you will feel different. Believe me, it is easy to assume, it is enough to dare and to want it. And then, the time lends itself to it, the vintage returns fashionably. A single recommendation : do not make it too much, the light during the day (I go with no problem at all to the high school every day below with light sewing, and I have never heard the slightest remark, neither from pupils, nor from my colleagues), and the black for the evenings.

I am still going to allow myself some advice : the sewing must be straight and stay all day long! The secret : thread your stockings first time, very carefully (invest in a big mirror ) and let the nylon take the temperature of your skin. Remove them, and then put them back. Make sure that garters are very upright (not easy because we contort a little).

If the sewing is not completely straight, especially avoid pulling your stocking up, it would return in a few moments in its bad initial position, and the sewing would not be in its good axis. It is necessarily necessary to take time to remove its stocking and to put back it decently. I know, it's all one ceremonial, especially when we are in a hurry in the morning. But it is so, quite as we spend time to make up and to varnish our nails.

Nylon stockings with sewing are on no account a “fancy dress”, but on the contrary delicate finery, a return in a nostalgic past, the choice of not being as all the others. They proceed of a way of being, to dress, to choose a glamorous garment, and they mean a way of pleasing themselves before pleasing the others. I assert it loud and clear, I wear nylon stockings (mostly in sewing) at first and above all!

Some other small advice

Washing ones stockings: One should never put on a worn stocking without washing it. There is a good reason: the nylon thread, and thus your stocking, acquires a certain memory, said “memory of shape” (a little as certain metal).

Your stocking remembers the shape of your leg : it will be of course impossible for you to put it back exactly there where it was initially positioned, so that it will wrinkle and will take a bad position on your leg.

A soft wash deletes this “memory of shape”, and nylon stockings will thus return to the shape given during its forming in factory.

The operation of washing: to wash nylon stocking is easy, even pleasant, but asks for a minimum of precautions. If it is possible to wash one stocking with a bar of bathroom soap, the best is still to use a powder for woolen garments in a little warm water, and to finish the rinsing by some tepid or cold water having let them soak 10 minutes (think of removing your rings!).

You will that way streamline perfectly the nylon. Indeed, your skin, shower gels, creams leave an invisible film on your stockings. In factory, one of the last finishes is exactly the operation of softening which is made after the dye. The used fabric softener allows giving all its flexibility to your stockings. The more there is of softener, the more a stocking is soft to the touch and the more it is fragile. Do not thus use yourself of fabric softener after wash.

The rinsing has to be made in the clear water. Then put your stockings in ball and press firmly between your hands. Then, you can roll them in a towel, but it is not indispensable. If you suspend them, it will be necessary for them to be far from a direct source of heat, and especially no use of a tumble-dryer (possibly a hairdryer, but only in case of emergency).

Putting one’s stockings in the right place: do you know how to recognize the direction of your nylon stockings? It is very simple, it is enough to look at the sewing of the backhand. It is situated at the bottom of the widest part : if the sewing is inside, it means that your stocking is on the right side, in its normal position.